I Can’t Start a Conversation

I really can’t. Unless it’s about something I really care about, like a special interest or something. I also can’t keep conversations going. I don’t know how. If they made a “Conversations for Dummies” book, I would pick it up in a heartbeat.

This skill (or rather lack thereof) makes things hard enough when it comes to meeting people or trying to let someone know that I like them. What’s worse is that it still exists in established relationships. Continue reading “I Can’t Start a Conversation”


Autism Spectrum Disorder, Kink, & Sensory Processing

This is my personal exploration and thoughts. This is not applicable to everyone, and may only be applicable to me, period. These are revelations from the middle of the night that one has when insomnia strikes and you’re tired and you’re overly emotional and stressed and also your puppy ate something that upset their stomach. Also mostly so I can remember my thoughts because the brain fog is real.

Sex and sensual play in general is a very sensory experience. Having heightened sensory processing can be great, but, it can also… require varying levels of accommodations to not be overwhelmed/overstimulated. Continue reading “Autism Spectrum Disorder, Kink, & Sensory Processing”

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